Just Sold in Morgan Hill for $1,420,000…

For this home I sold in Morgan Hill for $1,420,000, I was the agent for the sellers, who were referred to me by another client that I sold a home to many years ago! And, this home happened to be in the same community and walking distance to another home I sold to my friends about 10 years ago!

The home itself is gorgeous and immaculate! We had a cash offer the very first day it was listed within just a couple of hours! It was a little too soon, in that we planned for an open house weekend and to make sure that there was an opportunity for all buyers who were interested to have a chance to view the home and make an offer. We were really prepared to accept an offer within hours of being listed.

I had explained to the buyer’s agent prior to receiving the offer that the seller was adament about continuing with the open house weekend and ensuring that all interested buyers have a chance to make an offer. But, these buyers and agent were quite agressive and sent the offer to us anyway.

It was a great offer! The price was over list price, ‘as is’, 2 week closing, 2 week free rent back, ALL cash, waived ALL contingencies. It was a pretty golden offer, but there was just that question for what was the right strategy in this situation since they were the very first buyers to see the home on the very first day it was listed.

The sellers decided to take the gamble and tell the buyers they really did want to continue with the open house weekend before making a final decision on their offer.

We held the open house weekend, and the buyers waited, and they ended up being the best offer after the open house weekend. Even though they were still the best offer, it was good to play it out just to make sure and not have the lingering question of if the sellers made the right choice. So, it worked out well. The buyers still got the home and the sellers didn’t have to question their decision for what to do on the very first day.

The transaction itself was super smooth and seamless.

Just Sold in Morgan Hill for $1,420,000!

Just Sold in Morgan Hill for $1,420,000!

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