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Just Sold in Sacramento for $1,175,000…

For this property I just sold in Sacramento, this transaction was a 1031 exchange, the buyer selling a SFR for a multi unit property. This property has 6 units with a possibility of 7. We were lucky in that the seller was willing to accept an offer contingent on the sale of the SFR, which we knew would sell fast, but still not always an easy task convincing a seller to take a sale of home contingency.

The transaction itself was pretty smooth for the most part. This was kind of a flip sale, the seller only owned it about a year, but did a lot of work to the property and then filled it with tenants. He initally wasn’t planning to sell so soon, but apparently, the more work he did, and the longer he was a landlord, he decided to sell. We expected that the home and termite inspectons would go really well, since he is a contractor, and had done a lot of work, but we were a little surprised at how much work still needed to be done as well as some things we felt he kind of cut corners or didn’t complete how we would hope for.

We did go back and ask for some repairs to be done by him, he did some of the items, not all that we asked for, but we negotiated back and forth until we came up with something both parties could agree on.

Overall, it’s a great property, at a great price, and great rental opportunity. There was more work to be done than anticipated, but still a definite win.

Just Sold in Sacramento for $1,175,000

Just Sold in Sacramento for $1,175,000

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Just Sold in Sacramento for $485,000!

Talk about getting more for your money outside the Bay Area! This home I just sold in Sacramento for $485,000 would sell in a typical San Jose neighborhood for triple the price! I was the buyer’s agent with a client that bought a home with me in San Jose back in the market crash of 2008ish and was looking to move out of the Bay Area where he could get more for his money, and yes he did!

This sale was like a dream come true for any buyer. The home was a flip and the seller was SO accommodating that I just simply could not believe it. The seller had already put a ton of money into remodeling and upgrading the home and landscaping, and then offered the buyer a 1 year warranty if anything goes wrong!

The seller also repaired all of the important items that were noted on the home inspection, roof, pool, and termite report, which you basiclaly never seen done. I was just amazed at how much this investor was willing to do to make the home as perfect as possible for this buyer and still yet offer a 1 year home warranty through his own company.

Even after closing, the buyer saw a few very minor items and reached out to the seller, and the seller sent someone over to repair even small items. The seller even did a few things he did not commit to do, just did them!

It’s hard to even explain to a buyer how lucky they are to come across such accommodating sellers, because that just rarely ever happens, practically never, and unless you are a seasoned agent as myself, that sees it all over many years, buyers just probably can’t relate to how incredibly lucky they are to run into this type of seller. But, I appreciate it! 🙂

The loan was a bit bumpy in that the buyer was using a loan officer that actually lives in Hawaii, I prefer local loan officers so that you can track them down much easier and everyone involved understands the local markets best and I feel things are a little more fine tuned when a buyer uses a local loan officer. In fact, we were waiting for the appraisal, and then come to find out, when they are following up on it and asking when it will be in, came to realize that the appraisal was never even ordered! So, there were a few dropped balls and such, but we got through it.

Sold for $485,000 in Sacramento!

Sold for $485,000 in Sacramento!

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